Jack's Jacket

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Jack, his manbag, and his jacket (Season 8, Episode 1)

Second only to his manbag, Jack's jackets are another popular item from the series, but this season you might having a feeling you've seen that jacket somewhere else before

This season, Jack is wearing a leather jacket made by Jonathan Logan. In fact, Jack's jacket is a shortened (and dyed) version of the jacket Brad Pitt wore in the film Seven

This jacket can only be purchased by placing an order with Mr Logan directly so be prepared to be paying a large price, and you must quote the reference Classic Vintage Jacket #3 as he is not allowed to associate the jacket with Bauer's character due to legal reasons! So with a $900 bag, and equally expensive jacket Jack has paid a lot for his threads this season - I hope he gets some good wear out of them.

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Chris said...

Google Indy Magnoli and you should come across a tailor who will make a replica of the jacket for a lot less than you would pay for the real thing.

Craig said...

Thanks for the intel Chris :)

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