CTU Display Screens

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Dana using the Dell screens in CTU (Season 1, Episode 8)

This season, as well as increasing their lighting budget, CTU New York have increased their screen real estate. There is the large projection in the centre of the bullpen, and also a curious desktop setup where each worker has their monitor mounted under a glass desk!?

CTU is using a selection of monitors from Dell. The previously mentioned "under desk" setups are made up of a pair of E2210 22-inch widescreen flat panel monitors.

The screen has a resolution of up to 1680x1050 pixels and has a 5ms response time which should help reduce "ghosting" (which can be a bit off putting when you are trying to covertly hack into a secure police evidence lockup).

The Dell E2210 22-inch Wide Screen Display can be bought here

Jack's Bag

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Jack, his manbag, and CTU agent Cole Ortiz (Season 8, Episode 1)

Yes, this is the post you have been waiting for. Batman has his utility belt; Jack Bauer has a manbag. Some days you just can't fit all your terror-busting tools in your pockets, which is why a selection of sturdy (but fashionable) bags is another vital part of Bauer's kit.

The Bauer manbag has developed a cult following over the past few seasons, with Facebook fan pages devotees, and even a dedicated blog ("The Jack Sack"), and it won't surprise you that even I own a previous Bauer bag from season 5. But if you want Season 8's bag, you'd better have been saving up your money...

This season Jack is using a Ralph Lauren Double RL Leather Mail Bag. This was released in early 2009, and is priced at just under $900. That's a lot to pay considering there is a good chance it'll be covered in gunpowder within a few hours of use.

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Thanks to our friends at The Jack Sack for the intel that made this post possible.

CTU Hand Scanner

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Chloe with the hand scanner (Season 8, Episode 2)

We always knew that CTU never had the highest security protocols (well, it has been taken over by terrorists on at least two occasions) and this season they are attempting to improve their security reputation by using a swanky hand scanner.

What CTU don't realise though is someone has sold them a dud. You see, the hand scanner is actually a disguised Wacom graphics tablet.

The version being used is the Wacom Intuos4 XL DTP Edition A3. It is the largest size of Wacom's pen tablets, and the buttons and dials at the bottom of the frame can be customised with your own shortcuts. Of course, this graphics tablet can not be used to capture hand scans - so it's no wonder Jack was able to get through the security doors!

The Wacom Intuos4 XL DTP Edition A3 can be bought here