Chloe's Laptop

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Chloe and Jack searching the traffic cam feeds (Season 8, Episode 2)

When you are a world-class counter terrorist analyst you need a computer that is reliable, isn't prone to viruses, and has the option to be compatible with alien spacecraft (see Independence Day). You need a Mac.

At first glance, it appears that Chloe is using a MacBook Pro (complete with aluminium unibody enclosure and glowing Apple logo). However, if you look carefully you'll see that the words "Macbook" appear under the main screen and not "MacBook Pro". This reveals that Chloe is actually using the now discontinued 13" aluminium MacBook.

The slightly glossy finish on the top case tells me that Chloe's Mac is being protected by a Speck Unibody See Thru' Case. This a hard shell case that offers protection as well as easy access to the ports on the Macbook.

The 13" MacBook's are discontinued, but have been replaced by the 13" MacBook Pro.
The Speck See Thru' Case can be purchased here

CTU Bluetooth Headsets

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Dana Walsh and Chloe O'Brian in CTU New York (Season 8, Episode 1)

24 - Season 8 sees the return of the iconic Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). In past seasons CTU has been a dark, foreboding bullring. It may come as no surprise then that when CTU returns this year they seem to have decided it might be better to actually turn on some lights rather than have all their employees suffer eye-strain.

Gone too are the Cisco Telephones (and if you're on this website, it's likely that you had the "24 ringtone" on your own phone at some point) and instead everyone is wearing Plantronics bluetooth headsets.

Both the headsets use AudioIQ2 technology which uses an additional mic to detect background noise and cancel it out. This is bound to be useful in CTU as you don't want that phone call to the President to be drowned out by the new guy making his fifth cup of coffee this hour.


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Jack Bauer's Phone

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Don't divert him to voicemail (Season 8, Episode 1)

Out of all the gadgets that appear on 24, none are as mission-critical as Jack Bauer's cellphone. With a seemingly infinite battery life, super-fast call connections, and the ability to get a clear reception even during an international crisis, this is Jack's most trusted ally. Let's hope he has topped up his credit.

This year, Jack is using a Samsung Instinct S30. It features a 3.2" LCD touch screen with haptic feedback and includes a 2 mega pixel digital camera (capable of both stills and video). It has an interesting "speech to action" function, so expect Jack to bark orders at his phone over the few months. The stylish "cobalt metal" finish emphasises this phone is just as powerful as any weapon when fighting terrorists. Especially when Jack wedges it down your throat to get those detonator codes.

The Samsung S30 is currently exclusive to Sprint in the United States and can be purchased for $49.99


"Seen on 24" is a blog devoted to showcasing the real-life gadgets, equiptment and interesting items that appear in 24. Subscribe now


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24 - Season 8 will premier on Sunday 17 January on Fox in the United States, and on Sky1 in the United Kingdom on Sunday 24 January.