CTU Bluetooth Headsets

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Dana Walsh and Chloe O'Brian in CTU New York (Season 8, Episode 1)

24 - Season 8 sees the return of the iconic Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU). In past seasons CTU has been a dark, foreboding bullring. It may come as no surprise then that when CTU returns this year they seem to have decided it might be better to actually turn on some lights rather than have all their employees suffer eye-strain.

Gone too are the Cisco Telephones (and if you're on this website, it's likely that you had the "24 ringtone" on your own phone at some point) and instead everyone is wearing Plantronics bluetooth headsets.

Both the headsets use AudioIQ2 technology which uses an additional mic to detect background noise and cancel it out. This is bound to be useful in CTU as you don't want that phone call to the President to be drowned out by the new guy making his fifth cup of coffee this hour.


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Tom said...


I just want to add that the Cisco Telephones are not gone. They were no longer used at CTU that's true. But in a few episodes with President Taylor in her office/room at the UN or Omar Hassan also at the UN they use the new Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series. These are the successors of the 79xx series. More information can be found at Cisco: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps10451/index.html


Pedro said...

Yes, I loved your website and I still have the CTU ringtone from Season 1 on my iPhone for all my work-related contacts! heheh

Derek Krycek said...

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