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Jack, his manbag, and CTU agent Cole Ortiz (Season 8, Episode 1)

Yes, this is the post you have been waiting for. Batman has his utility belt; Jack Bauer has a manbag. Some days you just can't fit all your terror-busting tools in your pockets, which is why a selection of sturdy (but fashionable) bags is another vital part of Bauer's kit.

The Bauer manbag has developed a cult following over the past few seasons, with Facebook fan pages devotees, and even a dedicated blog ("The Jack Sack"), and it won't surprise you that even I own a previous Bauer bag from season 5. But if you want Season 8's bag, you'd better have been saving up your money...

This season Jack is using a Ralph Lauren Double RL Leather Mail Bag. This was released in early 2009, and is priced at just under $900. That's a lot to pay considering there is a good chance it'll be covered in gunpowder within a few hours of use.

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Thanks to our friends at The Jack Sack for the intel that made this post possible.


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